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Welcome to Snotty Moose Studio. Minnesota’s Arrowhead Region is one of the most unique in the world. At least three different ecosystems come together in a triangle that measures barely a hundred miles on each side. To the north, the border country with Canada makes up the southern reaches of the boreal forest. Blessed with over 1000 lakes and connected waterways, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness contains most of the plants, fishes and animal species that one would find north to Hudson’s Bay and the arctic. To the east is Lake Superior’s North Shore. One of the world’s largest inland freshwater lakes, Superior creates it’s own weather, environment and a beauty that has to be seen to be believed. To the south, the edge of the Superior National Forest slides along Minnesota’s Iron Range including the mineral rich “Giant’s Ridge”. The climate here mellows enough to evolve into hardwoods including birch, poppler, maple, basswood and a few of the hardier burr oaks that make autumn a particularly incredible time to visit the northland. To the west, the Arrowhead encroaches on the beginnings of the prairie region. Plant and animal species begin to change, making the variety from one end of the area to the other one of the most diverse on the continent. Included within this land mass are all four distinct seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter.

It is, a photographer’s paradise. I live just a few minutes south of Ely, Minnesota on Finn Bay of Birch Lake. Within an hour in any direction I have this world in front of my lens every day. Some days I go in search of subjects to photograph. Some days serendipity allows me to capture the beauty this area has to offer as I travel to the post office, grocery store, to the neighbors or as it happens to present itself right out of my back door.

Enjoy this site. It is still under construction, and as I press the shutter on my camera, new images will be made available. If you feel so inclined, purchase prints or merchandise. Digital images are sold and can be used as stock photos. Let me know what you think of the photography you see here. I do teach classes, provide excursions and am always happy to discuss photography or equipment. If you have a question or a request you may contact me at

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Ken Hupila

Third Annual Workshop Schedule!!!!!!!!!
Ken Hupila of Snotty Moose Studio has teamed up with Steve Foss of Steve Foss Images,, to again provide two workshops in 2013! Past year's workshops hit peak days for wildflowers, fall color and lots of extras! Ken and Steve bring years of photography know-how along with decades of teaching and guiding experience to the table in a “Walking With Boreal Wildflowers” workshop in June and a “Cool Season, Warm Palette” in September. We live here and spend days just ahead of the workshops to find the BEST venues for our major subjects - all the way from the west end of the Echo Trail, through Ely and to the North Shore of Lake Superior! Space is limited to 10 persons per workshop with the June dates filling rapidly. Contact me at or steve at for full details including how you can save on lodging and a discount if you sign up for both!

And ***NEW*** this year, day excursions into the edge of the BWCA to visit and record the Hegman Lake Pictographs and the forest regeneration after the Pagami Creek fire. See the descriptions below!!